What is WordPress?

What is WordPress? WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) based on PHP and MySQL. It is free and open source. For WordPress to work it needs to be hosted on a server that supports it. To host WordPress your host will need: PHP version 7.2 or greater My SQL v 5.6 or greater (MariaDB V12 will also work) HTTPS … Read More

Some developers…

Bad WordPress practice   Since 2011 we have adopted a great number of WordPress websites abandoned by it’s original developer. Unknowingly to the client who contacted us to assist with small changes to their website, their website was a disaster waiting to happen.  Lurking below the surface was vulnerable, outdated and insecure software. When we inform them that they need … Read More

Google Analytics

What is website visitor analysis ? It is interesting and illuminating to know how many visitors your website had over a certain period. Google Analytics not only reports on how many visits your site received, but will also provide you with more insight, like where they came from, how long did they stay, what did they did etc. These statistics … Read More

The foundation of good SEO

We receive them all the time!! Those emails offering you a quick fix to get more traffic to your website They promise to get you traffic in no time!! “Quick setup for an x amount – Pay now and get your traffic tomorrow”. I believe that some of those companies can really get you that amount of “traffic” but lets … Read More

MailChimp for WordPress – Review

About MailChimp We love MailChimp, and not because of the Monkey Logo 🙂 After trying a few different options, we found that MailChimp is the easiest to use and understand. It runs separately from your website and you can use this to send normal email newsletters or use their automation services. When a visitor visits your website the MailChimp signup … Read More

Contact Forms

Website Contact Forms are Everywhere Most websites has a standard contact form where visitors can leave a message. This message is then delivered to the website owner via email.  Our add a page service does include a contact form for the contact page, this is a simple form, much like we have here. We use contact forms on websites for … Read More

Sliders for your WordPress Website

Interactive Sliders for your website can be a great idea. We have all seen them, big sliders, small sliders conveying just the right message for you to click and read more. Sliders than contain headings, text, buttons, products images and even video, it can all be done. And very often they look great! Sliders can be used anywhere on your … Read More

Free Images for your website

You are not allowed to use images on your website found on Google or from random websites! But you are not a photographer and you do not have professional images! Luckily there are free images on the internet that you can use for your website. We recommend two websites, (links below) that you can get images to use freely on … Read More