Some developers…

Bad WordPress practice   Since 2011 we have adopted a great number of WordPress websites abandoned by it’s original developer. Unknowingly to the client who contacted us to assist with small changes to their website, their website was a disaster waiting to happen.  Lurking below the surface was vulnerable, outdated and insecure software. When we inform them that they need … Read More

Why it is important to update WordPress software

Outdated WordPress Themes and Plugins is a security vulnerability WordPress is software and all software needs periodical updates, not only to add new functionality, but more often to fix new security vulnerabilities. We evolve, we get better, faster and smarter, but this means that our threats evolve too. WordPress is popular and also a popular target for cyber criminals. Cyber … Read More

How to Update WordPress Software

Quick Steps to updating WordPress Software (Core, Themes and Plugins)   Create a Backup of your WordPress Site and Database. Test your backup and make sure everything works. Log in to your WordPress website and click the update buttons on your theme, WordPress Installation or Plugins respectively. Check your website to be sure everything works just fine. If all went … Read More