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Contact Forms

Website Contact Forms are Everywhere

Most websites has a standard contact form where visitors can leave a message. This message is then delivered to the website owner via email.  Our add a page service does include a contact form for the contact page, this is a simple form, much like we have here. We use contact forms on websites for two reasons:

  1. It is quick and convenient for a visitor to complete it
  2. It hides an email address from email address harvesters (prevents spam)


What are advanced forms?

You will need an advanced from if you are in need of the following:

  • You need to capture a lot more information than a standard contact form
  • You want the visitor to instantly receive an email confirming that you have received their contact request and want to send your own custom message to them
  • You want to start an automated process as soon as they have completed the contact form, ie. a follow up message seven days later (MailChimp automation required)
  • You want to instantly send them a message containing an attachment, for example, if they complete the form they will receive your free download
  • You want your reply to contain a link that you do not want to appear on your website


Our service includes:

Quite a bit of time can go into developing complex forms for your website, we do include an hour of development time with our advanced contact forms setup, but we will discuss your needs first and tell you if this is too much or too little time to develop this. Please note that we do not include multi step forms with this service as a separate plugin may be required for this.