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Google Analytics

What is website visitor analysis ?

It is interesting and illuminating to know how many visitors your website had over a certain period. Google Analytics not only reports on how many visits your site received, but will also provide you with more insight, like where they came from, how long did they stay, what did they did etc.

These statistics can be very useful to measure your advertising efforts, two tweak your website, or to check how your SEO changes affected your website. It also sheds light on which areas of your website is most popular.

Before we start any online advertising campaign or SEO improvements we highly recommend analysing current statistics so that we can establish a baseline to measure effectiveness of our efforts.


Use Google Analytics to accurately analyse website traffic.

Google Analytics will give you accurate insights to what is happening on your WordPress website 24/7/365

Google Analytics is a free service provided by Google to help you get insights into what is happening on your website.

Our service is simply helping you to set it up and to help you analyse traffic to your website. Visit the official Google Analytics page for more information on Google Analytics.

We love Google Analytics (GA) because:

  • it provides accurate statistics on visitors with exclusion to crawlers and bots
  • it tracks where your visitors came from
  • it reports on how long your visitors stayed on your site
  • it includes behavioral flow to show you your popular pages and at what stage your visitor left the page

Apart from a few other reasons, like an easy to use interface, these are only a few reasons we love GA and recommend that all websites use this.

What you need to start using GA:

  1. Your website will need a Google Account in order to get unique tracking IDs
  2. You will need to notify your users that your website uses cookies
  3. You will need a developer to install the tracking codes on your website


Lets get your started with Google Analytics, or let us manage this for you ongoing using our website care plans, available Care Plan can be used to analyse your website, give recommendations and make the required changes to serve your visitors better.

Our Google Analytics Setup includes:

  • Opening of a Google account for your website using your name and contact number to ensure you have full control over the account.
  • Installing and testing the tracking codes.
  • A personal overview video on how to access and navigate your way around GA.

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