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How to order your WordPress Website on our website

The basics for ordering your WordPress Website online

Red question mark image in a maze. Not sure how to build and make your WordPress website work. we can help.
We aim is to make it easy for our clients to order their WordPress website and services online. This post will shed some light on how our WordPress ordering system works.


We understand, with all the options available it may feel overwhelming to order your WordPress website online. This post will explain a bit more about what the requirements are to set up a basic foundation and to further build on it.

If you have not yet read about it, we have briefly explained what WordPress is and how it works. Please read our post here.

Our aim is to make things easy and we hope this information will help you understand more about ordering your WordPress website via our system.


Our WordPress website ordering system in a nutshell:

On our WordPress Development page you can quickly select the options that you need for your website, the advantages of this:

  • Select only the options that your budget would allow
  • Upgrade by adding more options at any time
  • See all the options we have in one place to plan for future upgrades
  • It is quicker than the conventional way and once understood it is easy


The Foundation for any WordPress Website.


Girl building with blocks to illustrate how easy it is to build a website with WordPress
Once the foundation is set, you can easily upgrade and continue building on your WordPress website.

1.Hosting Package and domain name

First and most important, you need a domain name and a WordPress hosting package. We have added these two right on top of our WordPress development page for you to select options from. You may skip these if you already have a domain name or host.

When you click on the images or select options button, the product will open and you will need to check if your domain name is available and select the TLD (Top Level domain name, ie .com etc)

One added to your cart you are done, click the back button on your browser window or click on the WordPress Development tab from the menu to select your hosting option (monthly or annually) you can now start ordering your WordPress Website ūüôā


2. WordPress Installation (required – one time only)

You will need to add this to your first order. For future upgrades, or if you already have a WordPress website you may skip this step.


3. Theme Voucher (optional)

We highly recommend a premium theme as this will make life a lot easier for your WordPress website, but, this is not a requirement. You can always start with a free theme and upgrade it later (in this case you will come back and select our install theme service). Please read our “What is WordPress” post to learn about the difference between free and premium themes.


4. Add a Page

For every page your website will require you need to add one of these, for example: home, contact us, about us, services and gallery means you will need to order 5 pages. Keep in mind that gallery pages can contain up to 20 optimised images and that the contact us page will include a contact form and a map.


This is the foundation and all you need to get started, you will see the total price in the top right corner of our website, you may now check out.

You will not be required to submit a payment now, we will review your order, get in touch and invoice you to pay a deposit for the upcoming work.



Add on Services for your WordPress Website.

Once you are ready, even before you checkout, you may add more services from the section marked step 3 on our WordPress Development Page or you may come back at any time and add those at a later stage.

Our services listed on the website is not all we can do for your site, please have a look at the bottom of our WordPress development site from some ideas.

Add on WordPress services listed on our website:

Improve the look and feel of your website:


Add more functionality:


Search Engine Optimisation, Advertising and Analytics for your WordPress Website:



Future updates and caring for your WordPress website:

Image of seedling plant, just like a plant your website needs love and care to grow. We love WordPress websites and help them to grow and develop further
We will give your WordPress website the professional care it needs while you do what you do best!

WordPress is easy to learn and you may be able to manage the entire website on your own, but, to get the most of your website we highly recommend a WordPress website care plan. Care plans includes development time, but most importantly, important software updates.

Leave your WordPress website to us and focus on what you do best!!

Some advantages of a WordPress website Care Plan:

  • Your WordPress software will be updated regularly
  • All our Care Plans includes development time and website hosting
  • We will help you keep your website content updated and make changes when you need it
  • By using a WordPress Care Plan we are able to assist you with everything related to your website, including SEO, Analytics, Advertising and even your Facebook Page


If you are ready, go and order your new website now.. You can always contact us if you need any further help or explanations.

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