Dedicated IP and SSL


Improve Security and Performance:

  • Dedicated IP Address
  • SSL Certificate

Read below for the advantages of these ūüôā
Available as annual package only.




A shared IP address on a shared hosting environment may be used by thousands of websites on that server, in general this is how it works with most websites and hosts and normally this is not a problem.  Investing in a dedicated IP address will give your website its own address, this is especially beneficial if you have an SSL certificate and use your website to sell online or to gather information from your visitors.

In addition to this, every email sent is also linked to your server’s IP address, while most websites are hosted in a shared hosting environment your email reputation may become affected if someone on the server uses their account to send spam. We have strict hosting policies against this behaviours, but its not guaranteed.

Another advantage, especially on shared hosting, is that one server may have a number of SSL certificates installed, this may triger visitor messages like:¬†¬† “Untrusted connection” when a visitor A Dedicated IP address together with your SSL will help avoid these nasty messages.


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