Quick Care


This service is ideal if you do not want to take out a WordPress website Care Plan but want to increase your WordPress website's security and performance.

We will spend no more than an hour and do the following:

  • Update your WordPress version to the latest release
  • Update your WordPress Theme
  • Update your WordPress Plugins
  • Create a working backup of your website
  • Install WordFence Security and Firewall
  • Perform small content changes if needed
  • Analyse and advise on your website's overall status




We will not be able to upgrade premium themes and plugins if you are supposed to pay a renewal fee on those, in this case we will advise what the best course to take will be, either renewal or  plugin replacement. We are unable to spend more than 15 minutes on updating content for you, we can do a lot in this time but please keep requests to a minimum. If you need to give us more time, you may purchase extra care plan time in conjunction with this Quick Care plan.

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If you are hosting elsewhere we will request both your cPanel login and WordPress login. We will request these details securely, please do not send it to us via email.

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