SEO Level 1


Our SEO Level 1 Service ensures that your website’s SEO foundation is set up correctly to attract more quality visitors. Important: This is not an instant fix but the much required foundation. We will also work at improving your website’s appearance in search and include analysis of your website and advise on how you can attract more of the right traffic to your site.

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If you just want to show that your website is receiving a lot of hits, then one of the many SEO marketers out there will be able to get you a bunch of hits for a price. We believe this is not always effective, because what you need is for people who found your website for exactly the reason your website exists.

There are rules your website needs to adhere to, to even get started with SEO, and this is exactly what this service will give you, please take a moment to read more about a good SEO foundation here.

Some websites will require more work than others and for that reason this service includes 2 hours of work.

We will let you know if you need more and in case you need less, we will make up the extra time.