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Save disk space on your web server

How to have more available space on your webs server

Our HostOne package allows 5 gig of disk space which is a whole lot more than what your actual website need, so what is taking up this space and how can you optomise your disk space usage?

The 2 culprits responsible for server disk space usage:

1. Old Backups – This is almost always the reason why you ran out of disk space, do you have cron jobs creating automated backups? It could be that these crons did not delete the old backup. Check your backup or temporary directory in your cPanel. Remove the oldest backups from your account. If you see no change you may also want to clear the trash.

2. Your Email accounts – We set up all email accounts to notify us as soon as it reaches a certain quota, this quota depends on how many accounts there are on the account. You may set up your email server to delete all mails from the server after it downloaded it to your computer, or if you really want to keep them on the server then you will need to add some more space to allow for further growth.


If your emails are causing the disk space issue, you may want to try:

  1. Use a paid email provider, we will set up your server for all your email to go to a paid service like Google or Office 365.
  2. Set your email to delete all mail from the server but set up another forwarder to go to a free email address to serve as your backup.


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