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Sliders for your WordPress Website

Interactive Sliders for your website can be a great idea.

We have all seen them, big sliders, small sliders conveying just the right message for you to click and read more. Sliders than contain headings, text, buttons, products images and even video, it can all be done. And very often they look great! Sliders can be used anywhere on your website, even on page content.

Be careful though:

Your visitors did not come to your website to be impressed by your beautiful slider, so only use sliders to convey the right message, or to get some sort of action from your visitor. In addition to this, you do not want the slider to be too high as a visitor might think that it’s the only content the page has to offer while there might be more information below it. For a mobile responsive website it is often better to hide the slider for mobiles, and if you do decide to show a slider on mobile, you should not have small text in the slider because the slider will shrink on mobile making small text unreadable.

Let us create a fancy slider for your website.

Some examples of how a slider can compliment your website

[layerslider id=”1″]

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Let us create a fancy slider for your website.

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