Start your website, with what you have and allow it to grow!

Starting where you are, with what you have is more than enough to begin your website. 

With time, a clear plan and consistent efforts, your website can grow without limitations and even help grow your business! 

The possibilities for what your website can become are endless!

Our Starter Website Deal Includes:

  • One Pager Website Design

  • Website and Email Hosting (1 Month)

  • domain name

R 2450,00 

  We provide solutions and offer you advise on how to use your website to grow your business, backing you all the way. 

Recurring Fees Apply

Limited Time Offer!

  • One Page Website Design with Menu linking to 5 Sections

  • Welcome, Services, Gallery / Portfolio and Contact Section

  • Mobile Responsive with Super Fast Loading Time

  • Solid Foundation with Room for Endless Future Upgrades

  • Live Chat with Potential Customers visiting your Website

More information on what this website deal include:

Professionally Designed Website

The first month of website and email hosing included. The price for hosting hereafter depends on your unique needs. Packages starting at R30 p/m for 1GB Hosting! 
Domain Name

We will register a name on your behalf, for free – We have other TLD’s available like .com, .net, .org, and more, please note that these other TLD’s might cost extra.

As many company email accounts as you need

It is always more professional to send business email from your domain as opposed to a free email provider like gmail or hotmail. You are not limited to the amount of email accounts but they may consume hosting disk space!

One Month’s Free Webiste and Email Hosting

The first month of website and email hosing included. The price for hosting hereafter depends on your website and email account requirements. Packages starting at R30 p/m for 1GB Hosting!

20% Discount
on business cards

When you order your One Pager Starter website you will also receive a 20% discount voucher to use over at our printing division:


A Dedicated Web Partner for Life

We carry your best interests at heart and will offer suggestions and ideas on how to improve your website and and how to take advantage of it to grow your business! 

How to order your website from us.

Simply add the Website Starter deal to your Cart. Also, check the upgrade options to consider at this time. Upgrade options may be added to your cart.

As soon as we have received your order a human representative will be in touch with you, to explain the process, and next steps and to obtain the needed information to start your website!

Upgrade Options

Your One Pager website can be upgraded right from the start or improved over time. Below are a few options that you will be presented with when ordering your one pager starter website. These options are also available on the order form. 

Convert to Mulitple Pages

The option to not have 5 Sections but separate website pages. 

R 595

SEO Foundation

Improve your website's chances to be found online ensuring good search appearance. 

R 695

Upgrade to Shop

Setting up your online store with 5 products to start with. Includes – shop, products, checkout and account pages. 

R 995

Live Examples of Thriving One Pager Websites:

Contact us for more examples as these website upgrade quickly to larger sites.


A typical One Pager website for use in Google Advertising Campaign. 


One Pager starter website with an additional page for industry specialist. 


One Pager starter website with shop module to sell products online. 


Recently launched, this one pager website will expand and grow into a larger website. 

Order your Website Here:

Start your website with our One Pager Deal by completing the order form below, we will contact you to discuss.

Estimated time to complete your website 7-10 working days after we have received your payment.

Step 1 – Check domain name availability

Check if the domain name you are after is already taken: 

The checker will only tell you if the name has been taken. If the result reads: “WHOIS server not found for that TLD” chances are very good that it could be available, please include this name on your order and we will confirm its availability or offer alternatives in case it is not available.


Please exclude “www” from your search results ie:

Step 2 – Order Your Website

Future Website Growth

Monitor user behavior, improve user experience, analyze efforts, adapt and repeat.

All included in our WordPress Care Plans:
Optional extra intended for future website growt. (not included in the promotional price of R2450)

Analyse Your Website and Improve User Experience

Gaining inside into your website visitor can increase conversions. 

We set up Google Analytics on your website and share these insights with you discussing strategies to improve and create more visitors into customers / clients.

Analysing your website with regards to performance and loading times as well as identifying means to further improve your website.

How well does your company appear in Search Results? We look at what information gets send to search engines, we look at what your competitors do and suggest ways on how this can be improved.

Making it better for your website visitor has advantages that goes beyond the initial visitor. Good user experience is something that search engines look at before suggesting your website as it wants its user (the person searching) to have a good experience visiting your website.

To help grow your website it is important to remember websites are created for the people visiting them and not the other way around! 🙂 

Digital Marketing & Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Think of Digital Marketing as “directed visitors” vs SEO that “attracts visitors”.

A good foundation for SEO is needed before one would want to start advertising online (Digital Marketing) as the price you pay for a click add may be more expensive.

We write, monitor and manage your adds according to your separate advertising budget that you would set at Google or Facebook.

Search Engine Optimisation is an ongoing process as there will always be something to improve, up to a stage where you are happy with the amount of and quality of  visitors as some visits may not always lead to conversions. 

Search Engine Optimisation is not a quick fix and majorly relies on the amount of content there is on your website.

For example, keywords plays a major role as well as the placement of those, image meta tags can assist in better ranking as well as ensuring the correct pages gets indexed… etc.. the list goes on.

Getting more visitors to your website takes time and effort and is by no means a quick fix. But it will save you a lot of money of you do not have to rely on adverts to rank your website. 

Are there any recurring fees for this website starter deal?


Yes. Recurring fees with regards to website hosting and domain name applies: domain name renewal costs R105,00 per year. 
The cost of website hosting varies, depending on how much space your email accounts and website will need. 

Our most popular website hosting option is 5 Gig Hosting at only R520,00 per year / R52,00 monthly. 

Our WordPress Care Plans Includes Website Hosting

You may opt in for your website to remain on a WordPress Website Care Plan to further develop and grow your website. 

Read More on Care Plans

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WordPress Website Care Plans

The WordPress Maintenance Plans that goes beyond software updates!

Bronze Care Plan
R 195
30 Minutes
Perfect to keep software up to date while we slowly improve your website
1 Time Slots (30 min each)
10% Discount on Additional Time
Monthly Software Updates
Order Now
Silver Care Plan
R 395
60 Minutes
Perfect to improve or develop your website over time and keeping things up to date.
2 Time Slots (30 min each)
10% Discount on Additional Time
Monthly Software Updates
Order Now
Gold Care Plan
R 790
120 Minutes
Perfect for websites in need of regular content updates with steady growth.
4 Time Slots (30 min each)
30% Discount on Additional Time
Bi-Weekly Software Updates
Order Now
Platinum Care Plan
R 1950
360 Minutes
Especially developed for websites with BIG plans and rapid growth.
12 Time Slots (30 min each)
50% Discount on Additional Time
Weekly Software Updates
Order Now

Important: Our Website Care Plans are monthly subscriptions that may be cancelled no sooner than 3 months following 30 days notice. No Contracts – For a once off service try our Quick Care Plan