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The foundation of good SEO

We receive them all the time!! Those emails offering you a quick fix to get more traffic to your website

They promise to get you traffic in no time!! “Quick setup for an x amount – Pay now and get your traffic tomorrow”. I believe that some of those companies can really get you that amount of “traffic” but lets get one thing straight, (some folks may hate me for this):

There is just no “quick fix” to get good traffic to your website!


Good SEO works a lot like real traffic. Why do they embark on the journey? What awaits on the other side?

To get good traffic to your website takes time and effort and let’s not forget that your good reputation is probably one of the most important factors.

Let me not beat around the bush here, if you want a bunch of hits to impress potential advertisers you may certainly benefit form people promising you hits. But if you need good quality leads that actually interact with you, then read further.



The foundation and top 5 requirements of good SEO:

  1. Good, original, informative and easy to read copy – You can not expect your website to rank top of the list if you have a short copy on your website that does not even include good keywords. You need quality copy on your website that is to the point and clear. A bonus here will be if you can add quality content on a regular basis.
  2. Correct use of H1 – H6 Heading Tags – Some people think that the use of H1 tags is to make some text bigger while the purpose of those tags are actually to properly index your website to search engines.
  3. The use of images and ALT tags – Pictures on your website are not only there to make your website look pretty. They should be used to further promote your page and content.
  4. Keyword Research – Your copy, headings and images should contain keywords. It does not help to have a bunch of keywords on the page while your copy is not reading natural. The days of stuffing your content with keywords are over – Google penalise sites like that.
  5. Link building and reputation – A huge factor often ignored, your website should have internal links, links to other sites and links back to your site.

The above points is the tip of the iceberg, but you need to keep in mind that SEO can take time, and the more effort you put in, the more you will get out.


The truth about Pay to Click advertising:

If you are battling to get your website SEO friendly and struggling to rank higher, you can almost immediately get more hits with a pay to click advert like Google Adwords or Facebook advertising.  But the truth is that Google will charge you more per click if your website is not properly optomised. The reason for this is that there is a quick little auction happening before your advert appears on Google, Google likes to serve their clients with the best content first.

In other words, even your online advertising efforts will become more effective if your site is optimised for SEO .

Our SEO Level 1 Product will:

  • Analyse and advise on your current SEO status and content
  • Optimise your website to be SEO friendly
  • Add alt tags to your images
  • Correctly list your H1 – H5 headings
  • Submit your site to Google after optimisation
  • Internal link building

Click here to get started. For further SEO we recommend that your consider a website care plan, this will give us time every month to build on this foundation.




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