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Third Party Payment providers for WordPress

Accepting Online Payments

Sure, you can move your website to a dedicated server, add all the security modules known to man, but with so many big names getting hacked every so often, how do you offer an online payment service on your website while resting assured that your customer credit / debit card details are safe?


Use online third party payment providers!

PayFast is South Africa’s leading online payment provider and trusted by many.

In South Africa, our leading and trusted provider for online payments is PayFast, they have all the needed security in place to  handle your client payments, they do charge a small commission but compare to how much peace of mind costs, it is a small price to pay.


If third party payment providers are so great, why does our shop only support EFT ?

We do not sell a product but services, and very often we first need to discuss an order with our clients before we invoice them. We will most definitely introduce new systems in the near future that will accept online payments and we will use PayFast.. For sure ūüôā

WooCommerce supports PayFast, we highly recommend them when creating online shops for our clients.


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