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What your website can do for you.

Fact: Your website can serve you, and its visitors better!

Your website should be created with the end user in mind. But, did you know that your website can help you grow your business by catering to your unique online requirements?

This page touches on a few key areas where your website can be used as more than just a “website” but an integrated part of your business, acting as an employee in the role of a salesperson, a marketing guru, or even an assistant!

Here are some ideas on what your website could potentially do for you

Depending on your type of business, you can use your website to handle a variety of certain tasks on your behalf, for example:

  • Do you rely on paid appointments? Your website can handle online bookings and payments for you. Or simply accept bookings without payment.

  • Business to Business operation? Give your suppliers access to a protected area to order from an online catalog or shop experience.

  • Do you rely on feedback from clients? Set up client feedback- or specialised forms to gather information and guide sales and marketing decisions.

  • Have products to sell?  Sell your products and services and receive online payments.

  • Engage with your website visitors. Use chatbots or live chat to engage with your potential customers online from anywhere.

  • Do you receive the same questions a lot? Provide information to answer frequently asked questions educating your client on your product or service.

  • Need a private website or private sections on your website? Membership functions can be added and membership is sold.

  • Cleverly tailored email campaigns can follow up with clients on your behalf to get a conversation going.


The list goes on…

Many more special functions can be added to your website to make life easier for you. The websites we develop are easily upgradable, and user friendly for visitors and new functions can be added quickly to suit your unique requirements.


The possibilities are endless.

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Using your Website as a marketing tool:

With regards to Website Traffic – What is considered normal? 

Upon starting your website, it is important to keep in mind that your website has great potential, but it will basically be as good as you allow it to be.

It is a general misconception that simply having a website will ensure that it gets found on Google or other search engines instantaneously. This is unfortunately not true.

The reality is that simply having your website online does not mean you will be found via search results in the very next day or have the phone ringing off the hook! You have competition and a lot of it from many directions.

Google and other search engines are in the business of providing good search results to their users and want to serve the best possible results. Makes sense right? For your website to appear well in organic search results (results by Google without the use of advertising), it has to cater to these search results while providing a good website experience.

Online Marketing by SEO and SEM


Search Engine Optimisation

Free Search Results

If websites could dream, this would be the dream of many websites, to be found right on top of results without relying on adverts. This is definitely possible, but it requires a plan, time, and consistent effort.

To get more organic results you need to do research keywords and your competitors, and a plan of action needs to be implemented based on this research.



Search Engine Marketing

Paid For Search Results

This is where you would pay a search engine like Google, to show your website by means of an advert above the organic search results.

For this to be effective you will need to look at laying a good SEO foundation first and also ensure that your website is properly indexed with Google and other Search Engines.

Yes, Google doesn’t just “know” about a website – it more often gets “told” about a website’s existence. 

Time allocated to your chosen WordPress Care Plan, can be allocated to SEO and SEM! 
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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Much like search engine campaigns, you can set your own budget for these advert campaigns. For best results, these campaigns are more effective if planned out in advance, with regular posting in between. A common mistake to avoid would be posting the exact content on various platforms instead of creating content for a specific social platform. 

Contact us if you need any information on tailored social media campaigns.


Analyzing your Website.
What does this mean and how does it help?

“If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Improve It.” – Peter Drucker

Understand your website visitor better. 

Your website needs to cater to your client needs first by providing them with a good user-friendly experience.  They want their questions answered in order to make an informed decision before using your services or buying your products.

Analytics are used to try and understand how your website user thinks, what they like, and what they don’t like. Knowing how many visitors your website receives is one thing, but seeing how they interact, where they click, what they do, and how long they stay on a specific page is another.

This helps you understand your website visitor better. With this knowledge in hand, you can now make overall improvements to ensure a better experience or result in the next time around. 

For this and various other marketing reasons, your website needs to be analysed from both SEO and UX (User experience) points of view. These analyses will reveal potential problems but will also confirm and show you what works.

Time allocated to your chosen WordPress Care Plan can be allocated to Analytics to help you grow and improve your website!


Online tools exist to provide you with a free SEO report on your website to see where it can be improved. Analytical services like Google Analytics can report on slow-loading pages, by analysing the visitor behavior on the website one can quickly identify potential problems and improve accordingly.

As part of our website Care Plans we offer ongoing SEO-related work, we had good results following time and consistent efforts.  We also offer a foundational SEO service, this will help you get started while we assist in pointing your efforts in the right direction. 

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Keep improving your website

( digital marketing)

Taking good care of your WordPress website is crucial, from updating core software and plugins to add new content while making adjustments to your current SEO efforts, the list goes on as a lot can be done.

Keeping your website updated with regular, unique, and fresh content only adds further to its good reputation, improving organic search results and display adverts over time. Your website should remain modern, mobile responsive and keep up to date with current technologies.

It’s all about developing a website for your visitors that will work harder at attracting visitors whilst serving its visitors better. This can only be done with time and a good understanding of who your website visitors are, seeing what they like and don’t like.

Grow your website

Keep making it better!


Let us help by adding functions to your website to save you time and money. Let us monitor user behavior, improve user experience, analyse efforts, adapt and repeat these efforts and keep improving on what you already have!  


We have 4 WordPress Website Care Plans to choose from:

Our Platinum and Gold Care Plans are the most cost-effective way to start and get more work done on your website and are ideally used in the beginning to lay good SEO foundations, and help with SEO work and marketing. Our Bronze and Silver Care Plans are intended to maintain those efforts.

Please see our Care Plan Options below. 

Give your website the love it needs.

Our WordPress Care Plans goes beyond maintenance and are focused on making it better!

Important: Our Website Care Plans are monthly subscriptions that may be canceled no sooner than 3 months following 30 days’ notice. No Contracts – For a once-off service contact us.