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Outdated WordPress software is a serious security vulnerability!

Cybercriminals are constantly monitoring release notes to learn about new vulnerabilities, you may have a small website, not store much information, and you might not even think a cybercriminal would be interested in your website, think again.  Your website can be used as a tool to attack other websites, information can be cloaked and hidden on your server for others to download. Cybercriminals may even interact with your potential clients… the list goes on and on. So, be safe and update!!

Our Care Plans are More than Just WordPress Software Updates

Apart from new features added to plugins, themes, and WordPress itself, the most important reason you should perform updates is to improve security. You should update as often as possible.

Our WordPress Website Care Plans not only keeps the software updated, but are also the strategy to keep growing and improving websites.  

Analyse Your Website and Improve User Experience

Gaining insight into your website visitor can increase conversions. 

We set up Google Analytics on your website and share these insights with you discussing strategies to improve and create more visitors into customers/clients.

Analysing your website with regards to performance and loading times as well as identifying means to further improve your website.

How well does your company appear in Search Results? We look at what information gets sent to search engines, we look at what your competitors do, and suggest ways on how this can be improved.

Making it better for your website visitor has advantages that go beyond the initial visit. Good user experience is something that search engines look at before suggesting your website as it wants its user (the person searching) to have a good experience visiting your website.

To help grow your website it is important to remember websites are created for the people visiting them and not the other way around! 🙂 

Digital Marketing & Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Think of Digital Marketing as “directed visitors” vs SEO that “attracts visitors”.

A good foundation for SEO is needed before one would want to start advertising online (Digital Marketing) as the price you pay for a click add may be more expensive.

We write, monitor and manage your adds according to your separate advertising budget that you would set at Google or Facebook.

Search Engine Optimisation is an ongoing process as there will always be something to improve, up to a stage where you are happy with the amount of and quality of  visitors as some visits may not always lead to conversions. 

Search Engine Optimisation is not a quick fix and majorly relies on the amount of content there is on your website.

For example, keywords plays a major role as well as the placement of those, image meta tags can assist in better ranking as well as ensuring the correct pages gets indexed… etc.. the list goes on.

Getting more visitors to your website takes time and effort and is by no means a quick fix. But it will save you a lot of money if you do not have to rely on adverts to rank your website. 

All of the above are included in our
WordPress Website Care Plans
(As Time Allows)

WordPress Website Care Plans

The WordPress Maintenance Plans that goes beyond software updates!

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Important: Our Website Care Plans are monthly subscriptions that may be canceled no sooner than 3 months following 30 days’ notice. No Contracts – For a once-off service try our Quick Care Plan 

Frequently Asked WordPress Care Plan Questions

The software needs updating. All software. Including the software that powers your website. Most often, these are crucial security upgrades. We keep your WordPress installation, themes, and plugins up to date soon after upgrades are released.

Content updates involve updating current pages on your website with new information, or to build new pages, or making changes to existing pages.

A time slot equals 25 minutes. These slots can be combined or used over time as our schedule allows.

Initially, the Care Plan runs for 3 months, after this time your website may continue on a care plan, move to another plan or we can pause it for a while.

Yes! We can help by converting your current website into WordPress, it is such a wonderful experience and you will see an instant overall website improvement. And while we are there we can do all those other changes you have been meaning to do..

Indeed, our Care Plan clients are receiving hefty discounts on extra time. No catch, just one condition: You may not purchase more than ten (10) extra hours per month at the discounted price.

Unfortunately, we only have one calendar month to use your website Care Plan time. The reason: To give all our clients the best possible service our schedule is extremely tight. We will notify you soon if your Care Plan time is about to expire, there is always something we can do for you. If we see that you have not been using your Care Plan time for quite some time, we call you and advise it’s better to cancel the Care Plan, it helps us to sleep better.

The beauty of our website Care Plans is that you may use this time for ANYTHING related to your website. We can update and make changes to your current site, help you with Social media pages, tweak your website’s SEO, could even manage your paid advertising campaigns. There is just so much we can do..  chat with us if you need some ideas