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First requirements to start a website (Step 1/3)

Before we can develop your WordPress website, you will need a domain name and a hosting package, if you have those yet you may skip to the following step.

Remember! We do not sell websites. We provide a professional service to build you a professional WordPress website at the fraction of the cost in the quickest possible way. (Click here to learn more about WordPress)

The products on this page is not all we have to offer, but simply the products that can be purchased online, for more advanced websites, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

We also assist other developers with WordPress trouble and less advanced users with tasks like installing and customising WordPress.

Domain registrations carries an annual renewal fee and is the first requirement for any website.

Our HostONE package has everything you need to start a small to medium WordPress website. Its okay if you already host elsewhere but not all hosts supports WordPress

Step 2: Order your WordPress website – The cost effective way!

Start by adding these services to your quote request to order your WordPress website according to your budget. Remember: This is your foundation that can be upgraded in future any time you are ready.

Now that your foundation is set, you may order more advanced additions. 

Example: You need a page showing that your website is coming soon, but you want to add your contact information, form and map for now, then add WordPress installation and one page to your quote.. Voila, you are set for only R250!

We will install a copy of the latest version of WordPress on your server and create the user accounts responsible for creating pages and loading content

A professional premium WordPress Theme will make your website standout, free themes are available but often limited to promote upgrading.

Give us one hour for every page you need edited. You are responsible for content. If you have no images we will source from free gallery banks.

Step 3: Add on services to improve your WordPress website (optional)

Your website can go from great to awesome in a matter of hours. Select from the add on options below, this will result in a more advanced website to cater for your individual needs.

Grab visitor attention or promote your call to action link, showcase a product or service. Sliders can also make a huge difference to your website’s appearance.

We will install and activate advanced image galleries, complete with lightbox and descriptions / captions. We will also optimise your images to load faster on the web. (Max 50 images) Available to premium themes only.

If you need your contact form to collect much more data than the usual name, email and message, you will need this module. This will also give you the option to send 2 messages, one to you, and one to the visitor.

Need to send professional newsletters to your clients? We will set up a MailChimp account for your website and install the needed modules to build your subscriber list.


Let your website start working for you by selling your items online or taking orders for you. Your 24/7 sales representative can be online in no time!

Your fully automated online store can be ready in no time. Sell your products or services online and let your website do more for you than just representing you. Accept Online payments via third parties or accept EFT payments.

If you are too busy to do this yourself, allow us to add 9 more products to your online store provided that you provide us the prices, descriptions, images and weight of each product.

We will add a further 19 products to your online store provided that you provide us the prices, descriptions, images and weight of each product.

We will provide you with personal narrated videos specific to your store to show you how to add products and process orders on your own.

Advertising, Traffic and Analytics

Contrary to the popular believe, there is no quick fix for SEO, it is a process and in most cases it takes time, but this process requires the foundation to be right. There is a set of rules your website should follow, it should also be correctly setup indexed on search engines. We call this SEO Level one.

Get accurate statistics about your website visitors. How many people visited your website, how did they interact with your website, where did they came from, how long did they stay and what made them leave? We will configure this and tell you more.

If you have a Facebook Page for your business and wanting to start an advertising campaign on Facebook or Google Adwords we could help you get started with this.

We will create a Facebook Page on your behalf and show you how to manage and monitor it. We can also manage these pages or adverts for you monthly, please visit our Care Plan page for more info.

Help with WordPress  

If you already have a WordPress website and you need assistance with it, we will gladly assist you in upgrading your plugins, WordPress installation and theme.

We can also import your pro theme’s demo content or assist with general WordPress problems you may be experiencing. Struggling to perform customisations? We are able to edit your theme’s CSS and PHP files in an nondestructive way.

Talk to us, we love helping.

Sadly there are many WordPress websites out there abandoned by its original developer. There are also many developers who created a website for a client concealing that it is a WordPress website leaving the website vulnerable. Let us help.

Purchased a premium theme and not sure how to install it? We can help while keeping your current data save and backed up. We will do our best to set it all up exactly like the demo. Please consult with us first, the allowed time at this price is only one hour.

This 45 minute session will allow us to investigate and probably fix any WordPress trouble you are experiencing. Please be detailed to what problems you have when ordering this service. We are looking forward to help you!

Can’t find what you are looking for?  

We offer an advanced custom development service for speciality websites (like listed below)

Please contact us directly and tell us what you are looking for, we are 100% sure that we can create exactly what you need.


List a single featured property or a website with many properties complete with maps and property portfolios.

Want to charge members to view certain content, or a website to friends only? (No pornography allowed on our server)

A fully automated system that will allow vendors to register and sell their items on your website.

Much like this website, give users the option to buy or get a quote, complete with mega menus.

A private website were employees can access information only for their eyes and be able to interact with other users.

Have a gaming community, sports or hobby group or does your family want their own Facebook like space?

Start online auctions, like your own Ebay where users can bid on products to compete for the best price.

Start a classified directory or item specific directory, you may also charge users to list on your website.