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We provide affordable WordPress-based solutions that are scalable according to your business' growth, evolving needs, and requirements. 

WordPress Website
Care and Maintenance

WordPress development, maintenance, and consultancy. We help you get the most from your WordPress Website.

Growing your
WordPress Website

Monitor user behaviour, improve user experience, analyse efforts, adapt and repeat. 

Comprehensive WordPress Website Services

WordPress development, maintenance and consultancy.

We exist to help you benefit from your WordPress Website.

WordPress Development

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A perfect place to start any type of website is our One Pager WordPress Website – Starter Deal.

Built with WordPress means your website will be scalable according to your needs and grows with your business.

Starting at Only R 2450,00 this deal includes domain name registration, plus the first month’s website hosting fee to establish just how much hosting space your website needs.  

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Safe money by selling your products on your own website. You will enjoy your very own store platform and easily manage products and orders from virtually anywhere.

Our website starter deal can be upgraded to an online store by adding the shop module that costs only R995,00  

Extra time can be purchased in case of larger stores or a Care Plan may be used to continue development.  
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A Speciality website is a website with specific functions not standard to a normal website.

Some examples of these include: 

– Members Only Websites
– Auctions Websites 
– Voting / Polling Platforms 
– Intraweb website 
– Online Design and Print 
– Directory Website 
– Real Estate Website
– Booking Websites 
– etc. 

Talk to us and we could provide a more specific quotation.

Any website virtually thinkable can be created from our One Pager starter deal combined with a Care Plan of your choice. With time and consistency – anything is possible.

From simple to more complex multi layered websites, self hosted e-commerce stores and various other online WordPress web based solutions .  

WordPress Website Care Plans

Under the hood & behind the scene care for your website.

WordPress Care Plans was developed not only to keep software up to date but to do continuous work and improvements on your website. Perfect for growing websites.

Care Plan Options can be compared on the pricing table below or on the Care Plan Page here: 

Starting from R205,00 to R1950,00 p/m

Designed to keep your WordPress software up to date, a Care Plan is a monthly service.

Extra time allocated to these various care plans can be used for anything relating to your website making it an affordable way to grow your website.

Perfect for a once off check under the hood and behind the scenes to ensure your website performs at its best, stable and secure. 

This is also the perfect time to make small changes and additions, extra time for this plan is discounted from our normal hourly rate.

Are you experiencing problems with your WordPress website or do you want to learn how to do this yourself? 

Schedule 1on1 training / consulting with an experienced WordPress website developer to show you around your WordPress website while teaching you simple and effective ways to keep your website in good shape and also show you how to perform updates yourself. 

Get all the answers and advise around your specific WordPress website. 

Book your WordPress training / consulting with us starting at R495,00 per hour.  

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Care Plan Time may be applied to any of our services including the below. 

Growing Your WordPress Website

Monitor user behavior, improve user experience, analyze efforts, adapt and repeat.

All included in our WordPress Care Plans:

Analyse Your Website and Improve User Experience

Gaining inside into your website visitor can increase conversions. 

We set up Google Analytics on your website and share these insights with you discussing strategies to improve and create more visitors into customers / clients.

Analysing your website with regards to performance and loading times as well as identifying means to further improve your website.

How well does your company appear in Search Results? We look at what information gets send to search engines, we look at what your competitors do and suggest ways on how this can be improved.

Making it better for your website visitor has advantages that goes beyond the initial visitor. Good user experience is something that search engines look at before suggesting your website as it wants its user (the person searching) to have a good experience visiting your website.

To help grow your website it is important to remember websites are created for the people visiting them and not the other way around! 🙂 

Digital Marketing & Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Think of Digital Marketing as “directed visitors” vs SEO which “attracts visitors”.

A good foundation for SEO is needed before one would want to start advertising online (Digital Marketing) as the price you pay for a click add may be more expensive.

We write, monitor and manage your adds according to your separate advertising budget that you would set at Google or Facebook.

Search Engine Optimisation is an ongoing process as there will always be something to improve, up to a stage where you are happy with the amount of and quality of  visitors as some visits may not always lead to conversions. 

Search Engine Optimisation is not a quick fix and majorly relies on the amount of content there is on your website.

For example, keywords plays a major role as well as the placement of those, image meta tags can assist in better ranking as well as ensuring the correct pages gets indexed… etc.. the list goes on.

Getting more visitors to your website takes time and effort and is by no means a quick fix. But it will save you a lot of money of you do not have to rely on adverts to rank your website. 

All the above included in our Website Care Plans
– As Time Allows

WordPress Website Care Plans

The WordPress Maintenance Plans that goes beyond software updates!

Bronze Care Plan
R 195
30 Minutes
Perfect to keep software up to date while we slowly improve your website
1 Time Slots (30 min each)
10% Discount on Additional Time
Monthly Software Updates
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Silver Care Plan
R 395
60 Minutes
Perfect to improve or develop your website over time and keeping things up to date.
2 Time Slots (30 min each)
10% Discount on Additional Time
Monthly Software Updates
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Gold Care Plan
R 790
120 Minutes
Perfect for websites in need of regular content updates with steady growth.
4 Time Slots (30 min each)
30% Discount on Additional Time
Bi-Weekly Software Updates
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Platinum Care Plan
R 1950
360 Minutes
Especially developed for websites with BIG plans and rapid growth.
12 Time Slots (30 min each)
50% Discount on Additional Time
Weekly Software Updates
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Important: Our Website Care Plans are monthly subscriptions that may be cancelled no sooner than 3 months following 30 days notice. No Contracts – For a once off service try our Quick Care Plan 

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We work exclusively with WordPress Websites.

We love WordPress and we are not alone,, knows of 34,857,439 live websites using WordPress and an additional 25,470,104 sites that used WordPress historically, and 269,394 websites in South Africa… (Updated June 2022)

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